What we are doing to be COVID 19 safe 

Furkids Funhouse is a COVID Safe workplace and we have implemented precautionary measures in line with recommendations from government health authorities.

Check-In and Out

We encourage all owners to spend the least amount of time possible when checking in or out. We maintain a minimum distance of 1.5m so simply let your pup through the front gate and we will take over from there.

Hygiene and Cleaning Policy

Hand sanitiser can be found at the front reception. Please ensure that you sanitise on arrival and departure. Whilst we have always maintained a standard cleaning procedure, we have increased the frequency of cleaning in medium to high-traffic areas and touchpoints such as doors, gates and the eftpos machine.

Social Distance Policy

Please ensure that you practice social distancing of 1.5m to ensure the safety of all. We also maintain a maximum of a two person policy in our reception area to avoid overcrowding.

What to do if you aren't feeling well

If you are experiencing even the mildest of symptoms, please do not visit Furkids Funhouse.If your dog is due to arrive at our facility, please call 0481 313 647 and we can arrange to come out to the car park and pick up your furkid.