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    Adelaide Doggy Daycare Rates

  • At Furkids Funhouse your dog’s Fun and Enjoyment is our number one priority. We understand how important it is that your dog is appropriately socialised so interactions that are safe, supervised, & on neutral territory can be a key to better behavior & improved well-being.

    A typical play day at Furkids Funhouse includes numerous play sessions broken up with nap time! All dogs have access to an individual bed or a “community” bed depending on their personality and desire. If your pooch prefers longer or multiple naps, that’s no problem. We have a dedicated quiet room perfect for the princess or prince who requires a little extra quiet time. 

    For most dogs, doggy daycare it is the best alternative to the boredom of staying home alone all day or stuck outside. Especially though out heatwaves or winter months. Heatstroke is deadly to dogs and storms can be terrifying causing some furkids to injure themselves whilst trying to escape due to fear. Our facilities are climate controlled and your Furkid is constantly supervised and adored by trained staff.

    Doggy daycare may not be suitable if your dog is aggressive or fearful of new dogs and/or humans or has health issues. If you are unsure, please call to speak to one of our Trainers who will assist you with this decision.

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    Casual Daycare Rates


    Up to 11 hours any day Monday to Friday



    Up to 10 hours any day Monday to Friday


    Need more than 10 hours? Don’t fret as additional hours can be purchased.

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    Daycare Package Rates


    Packages to be used over a 12-month period

    10 FULL DAYS

    $410.00 (equates to $41.00 per day)

    25 FULL DAY  

    $1,000 (equates to $40.00 per day)

    50 FULL DAY  

    $1,900 (equates to $38 per day)

    Additional dog options also available