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    Lulu’s LaLa Room (for dogs that love to chill)

  • At Furkids Funhouse, we know that socialisation with other dogs is a key part of canine life but we also know that some dogs prefer a calmer softer approach. My little furball Lulu likes nothing more than to lie on her back watching the world go by. For this reason we have created Lulu’s LaLa Room so for those spoilt pooches that prefer a little extra comfort or maybe just need to transition between expelling no energy to finding out what having fun is all about, Lulu’s lala room is perfect! If you dog just needs a little more TLC as they discover the wonderful world of doggy daycare than this specialty room is for them!    

    What is Lulu’s Lala Room?

    This is a dedicated quiet room away from the main play areas that has all the comforts of home including a double bed with soft mattress (and off course steps to get on it), staff to play, cuddle or simply provide comfort.

    Who is perfect for Lulu’s Lala Room?

    Puppies, who are learning to socialise
    Senior Dogs

    Timid and Shy Dogs

    Dogs recovering from medical procedures

    Dogs with low energy levels

    Spoilt princesses and princes who just like to lounge and snooze

Lulu's Lala Room - Doggy daycare