Our Story

Furkids Funhouse came about due to the need of a force-free doggie daycare facility in Adelaide's western suburbs. We are proud members of the Pet Professional Guild Australia: No Pain, No Force, No Fear.

Being the owner of three very loved and spoiled furkids, I found that when I was out working all day, the three of my precious babies spent the day sleeping on the couch or barking with the neighbour's dog. One of my little girls developed a medical condition due to her weight gain and inactivity.

Doggy daycare was the best solution for them but at that time, the closest one was a thirty minute drive away... pretty hard when you have to drop them off before going to work.

I wanted to make sure my babies were not caged, roughly handled or unsupervised (there were many horror stories floating around social media that made me nervous). I wanted peace of mind that Connor, Lulu and Jemima were receiving the best treatment when they were not with me.

So my need to have the very best for my three led me to thinking that I was not alone and that many pet parents also wanted this level of care and attention.

And this is what motivated me to establish Furkids Funhouse. I am not only a dog-lover but an animal rights activist, wanting the very best for our furry friends.

This is also why we are force-free and cage-free. Our beliefs, techniques and philosophies are in line with those of force-free training, which is positive reinforcement.

Furkids Funhouse is similar to a child care centre for your furry baby, where they are able to socialise, receive education and basic manners, have naps, be groomed and end the day feeling fabulous.

We understand how important it is that your dog is appropriately socialised so interactions that are safe, supervised & on neutral territory can be a key to better behaviour & improved well-being.